I’m Art, a 22 year old queer Dominican person who’s currently in graduate school and attempting to be an adult. While my studies are mostly in the humanities field, in recent years I’ve found myself getting more and more into technology and realizing that, even though it shapes our lives so profoundly, a lot of people (myself included!) don’t really know how it works. This podcast is a place for me (and my lovely girlfriend) to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the tech world, and we hope it’s at least informative… bonus points if we’re entertaining too.

Hey, I’m Jade, a software developer. Perhaps a bit more of a jack of all trades at this point, but a software developer nonetheless. I’m always finding new things to be excited (or angry) about in tech- and have wanted to find a way to share these thoughts in a coherent way. So, instead of ranting to everyone I know literally always (for example, my boyfriend who I infodump to often), we’ve made this podcast. Hopefully, we’ll impart some helpful information to all of you as well.