The mouse, touchscreen smartphone, and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack; these are all things that Apple has pushed the tech industry towards. Did Apple create all of those things? No (with the exception of the headphone jack)- but they have made these things staples of the platforms they are used on. But, why do they get the credit? And, furthermore, why does it matter?

EPISODE NOTES/MISTAKES: The Xerox 8010 Star was the first computer with a two-button mouse, whereas the Xerox Alto from 1973 was the first computer with any kind of mouse. The Apple Lisa mouse was, in fact, based on the Alto’s.

This episode was recorded prior to the iPhone 12 announcement, with the ~$40 magsafe wireless charger. Still overpriced.


The 2007 released Blackberry Curve 8300:

Touchscreen Phones before the iPhone:

Xerox 8010 Star & Alto:

iPhone Woes (glue, headphone jack, notch, in that order):

iPhone 7’s Plastic Spacer & Strange Parts:


Opening Music: Another World by BETTOGH