[Gaming Arc 1/6]

Here we are, starting off Season 4 (y’know, without that update episode taken into account) with a bang, it’s time… for GAMERS. Welcome to the gaming arc, where we’re starting with a little history lesson on home video game consoles, by generation.

EPISODE MISTAKES: We talk about a separate lawsuit that was, in fact, just an additional lost case after the actual original ruling (regarding the Video Game Crash of 1983). The oriignal lawsuit was with Activision in 1979, – a company that was actually spawned off from former Atari employees. Atari attempted to stop the sale of Activision products, which ended with Atari being forced to pay royalties to Activision. This likely contributed to making third-party publishers a legitimate force.


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Second Generation:

Video Game Crash of 1983:

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